This equipment beside me is our Watermaster dredger, featuring various functions and high mobility.
The Watermaster dredger is mainly used in shallow water areas, such as coastal shoals, inland lake and rivers, reservoirs, industrial sedimentation tank for desilting, weed removing, pilling and many other functions. In the following, I will present you the diverse functionality of this outstanding product:
In the front section, is the dredging unit, which could be outfitted with an excavator bucket, cutter head, piling machine and many other devices, allowing a rotation of 180 degrees and a high dredging efficiency.
Seven independent watertight compartments are equipped, which enables an optional installment of side pontoons. Additionally, independently controlled supporting legs are also equipped on the sides of the dredging equipment. And a stabilizer could also be outfitted on the ship body if required.

Meanwhile, all the steel used in the equipment are composed of CCSB shipbuilding steel plates, which underwent a welding process for greater toughness and strength.

In the rear section, is a spud system, featuring a series of functions, such as the lifting of a handling truck, waterways in or out, fixing, etc. Especially, the linking of the hydraulic cylinder, it well ensures the excellent driving performance in pavement, dam and roads with barriers. Besides, propellers are also installed, which helps to achieve a 90 degree rotation and small turning radius. Moreover, the lifting upwards or downwards and rotation in either direction could be realized.